About Peter Anthony Designs Inc.

Peter Anthony Designs Inc. (PADI), began in 1989 when the company was developed on the simple premise that imaginative, creative and innovative interior designs and quality seating would have a positive impact on restaurant profitability.

By applying our Customer Centered Approach for seating and décor services to individual client needs, we have successfully accomplished more than 8,000 projects across Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico for most of the leading Quick Serve brands.

Today, PADI is one of North America's leading manufacturers and supplier of Quick-Serve and Casual Dining furniture also providing interior designs, custom millwork and décor packages. PADI's commitment to exceptional creative interior designs and cost effective high-quality products have earned customer acceptance throughout North America.

As a result of our success, PADI is targeting strategic growth opportunities in the American and Canadian markets for Quick-Serve and Casual Dining sector expansion, as well as institutional, educational, medical, and retail sectors.

Our Customer Centered Approach, creative innovative interior designs, and audited quality management standards ensure you the highest product quality and overall project satisfaction.

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